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Material - The band plays soul and R’n’B ranging from 60’s classics to more funkier 70’s sounds. Even its more contemporary repertoire, including some original compositions, has an unashamedly retro feel to it. Dedicated live shows, such as ‘Blues Bro’s’ and ‘Commitments’ tributes are occasionally performed but a typical live show will cover the band’s broad range of material, mainly covers but with the occasional original number blended in.

Counselled Out’s trademark is a tight and raunchy soul sound with a superb front duo, funky rhythm and big horn section. The band is professional and entertaining but without compromising its ‘Rock’ ethic.

Recordings - The band self-financed a 13 track CD (“Best Behaviour”) and a 3 track CD (“Walk With You”). These contained 6 original tracks in total and both received a considerable amount of local and national radio airplay (the Walk With You single in particular), although lack of formal distribution channels made it difficult to capitalise on this.

A live studio session was recorded at BBC Scotland and live gigs were broadcast on Clyde and West FM. A DVD featuring historic live footage and specially recorded video/audio tracks is currently being produced.
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Specialist Divisions
Alan Dale - Percussion
Alan Dale - Drums
Capacity audience eagerly await the band's walk-on
Capacity audience eagerly
await the band's walk-on